Air Distribution

Air Distribution

Wherever movement and venting of air is required for the home or buildings, Deflecto has Air Distribution products available to fit the application. These products are available to the end consumer, HVAC and building contractors through retail stores and wholesalers.

  • Deflecto Air Distribution products are the best!
  • Dryer Vents include Bird Guard Covers and Louvered Hoods.
  • Air Deflectors and Air Vent Covers help you distribute air more efficiently.
  • Ceiling Diffusers & Tube Fans to add airflow to rooms.
  • Plastic Floor & Side Wall Registers in multiple sizes.
  • All airflow devices available in small quantities.

12' Dryer Duct Cleaning Brush Kit

Product ID: DVBRUSH12K

100% OFF
4" dia. Supurr-Vent Louvered Hood
4" dia. Supurr-Vent Louvered Hood

Product ID: HS4W

opens with ease for maximum exhaust flow
curved louvers for quieter operation
has convient lip on back of vent for better connection with exsisting pipe
*mounting screws not included*
Dryer Venting Box with Aluminum Connector

Product ID: DVBOX

  • saves space
  • improves dryer efficiency
  • clear Appearance
  • high impact polystyrene - meets UL Standard 94 HB tests for flamability